The EV mining rush could come to Montana’s mountains

A mining company has identified potentially lucrative deposits of rare earth elements tucked in the Bitterroot Mountains near the Idaho-Montana border.

The proposed mine would sit along the headwaters of the West Fork of the Bitterroot River in western Montana.

LINK (via High Country News)

4 thoughts on “The EV mining rush could come to Montana’s mountains

  1. We need to trash our rivers so we can reduce CO2 in the atmosphere!! Except for the fact that electric vehicles are charged by coal which puts so much nasty stuff into the air……

  2. Electric Vehicles are charged by, wait for it: ELECTRICITY! How the electricity is generated makes a difference if you are calculating the environmental impact of the source of the electricity. Less and less of the electricity in North America is the result of burning coal.

    Mr. Eric, please don’t fall for the misinformation promoted by EV haters. If mining for EV battery materials does happen in MT or ID it had better be done in an environmentally responsible way. The history of mining suggests that this is a very tall order. At least going forward in this country the citizens have the ability to impose environmental protections on the mining industry.

    1. John,
      You are correct that the combination of wind (don’t you think all those windmills are sight pollution across the beautiful landscapes of Montana?) and solar (expensively inefficient) now accounts for a TOTAL of 1% reduction in coal use to generate…..wait for it…….electricity. I’d advise you to not fall for the false promises of the Green Energy Grift.

      1. Thank you, Eric. The misconception that EV vehicles will actually produce any benefit for the long term sake of humanity has yet to be seen. Emphasis on Nuclear power and Hydrogen fuel has been grossly overlooked as a potential solution to reduce the carbon impact and will continue until the “right” people can make the money off of it from the consumers. EV is what the car industry makers think will drive sales over the next decade, but it won’t change a damn thing about global warming

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