The End Of Ice Fishing?

Hardly any ice-covered the Great Lakes this winter.

A 2012 study found cover in the Great Lakes basin has declined by 71% on average since 1973. A 2016 analysis took a closer look and found that a sudden shift, or “change-point,” occurred in the late 1990s for Lake Superior and Lake Huron, and during the mid-1980s for Lakes Michigan, Erie, and Ontario. The authors theorize that the sudden shift on Superior and Huron may have been related to the strong El Niño of 1997-98 that somehow pushed the system into a new climatic regime. That study also found that shoreline areas of all the Great Lakes ― the places people go to ice fish ― showed a rapid decline in ice duration.

Is this the new normal?

LINK  (via: The Huffington Post)

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