TBV: Salmon Run With Jack Charlton

On ‘Salmon Run,’ Charlton is the presenter, tour guide, and star, while Francis is the director and producer. Along the way, Charlton encounters a wide range of characters along the river banks – from the Queen Mother’s ghillie at Balmoral to a shopkeeper in Lismore. He is equally at home with them all. He narrates the scenes with Attenboroughian gravitas. And, of course, he fishes. Sometimes he catches something, sometimes he doesn’t. His boundless love for the sport is instantly infectious.

One thought on “TBV: Salmon Run With Jack Charlton

  1. A young Welsh singer with a re-worked old Russian song from when I was kid, British and Irish salmon (the last of the last best which I saw, fished for and caught in numbers (and made myself some “terribly nice” Top Crowd – Top Rivers – Top Beats – Top Weeks British £££s / $$$s a day “friends” from the early 1980s onwards by going all “This ain’t going to last, chaps”, nobody likes a smartarse know-it-all, doomster Jeremiah on them…

    They just cleared off to the brand new, big bangs for your buck Russian Kola when British rivers began to go “tits up”.

    Same as it ever was.


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