TBV: Co2ld Waters

Even more relevant today than it was 9 years old

The Conservation Hawks movie CO2LD WATERS stars Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Steve Hemkens of Orvis, Tim Romano of Angling Trade, and Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks. The film, which was shot in Montana and produced by Jeremy Roberts of Conservation Media, looks at the single biggest threat to the future of angling: Climate Change.

One thought on “TBV: Co2ld Waters

  1. 2015/16, huh? And did “we” start doing anything about it?


    You don’t how how brutal (personally for me) it became over here in Britain, more than 30 years ago, when I very nicely, charmingly and extremely carefully began telling the “Official British Fishy and Political Powers That Be” about what not only MIGHT be incoming but surely was, and that we might want get our lardy British arses into gear NOW to stop the worst from happening. Thought I had “gone native” (a major crime), gone at best All Rogue Male, they did, and promptly shot the scaremongering messenger and told him that, if he could only be more “grown up” about things he would see that everything is what comes goes round “cyclical”. Something of a new buzzword for them, back then.

    Yes, I repled, patiently, but also no, I very much regret….

    Seas since cooked and their formerly highly dependable (right river, right time, with the right people – Bang!) Atlantic salmon mostly gone; an actual Climate muscling in on and very unsportingly replacing their normally dependable, though highly variable but never actually lethal, English / British WEATHER (a great topic of converstion here – we USED to “Lovely / awful day…” at one another all the time)… Etc et now increasingly never-ending Bad News Tour cetera…..

    Then comfortingly distant (and, often, to them, “awful”) foreign places like Europe began to burn and now even semi-civilized, “picturesque” places like big wave Hawaii, too…..

    Most of the “Safe Pairs of Hands” and”Wise Heads” that I privately and very gently counselled all those years ago are either dead or in rural hiding now, but as for their “It’s merely blasted weather, boy!”, it’s gone and become a blasting Climate.

    Long time unplugged and now completely on-the-run un-edited Boote out, particularly as this is being composed on a pal’s laptop in a riverside fishing hut somewhere in Southern England.

    Wish You Were Here (I was that 1994 night)


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