TBT: Top ten other slang names for the “ball cutter”

Jeremy Wade, 53, spent weeks hunting for the fish in remote Papua New Guinea after locals reported a mysterious beast which was castrating young fishermen.

He finally unmasked the perpetrator as the Pacu fish – known locally as ‘The Ball Cutter’ – and managed to catch one in his small wooden fishing boat.

Back in 2011 we came up with ten other slang names for the “ball cutter.”


One thought on “TBT: Top ten other slang names for the “ball cutter”

  1. Hmm. Might be saying more about male of the species insecurity than fishing, all this, I reckon….

    I once had a 30-pound-plus Patagonian sea-trout give me a VERY nasty look as I removed a size-8 greased-line, sparsely dressed black Soft Hackle from its mighty maw, but I didn’t squeal, just manfully returned it.

    Far away and long ago, as W.H. Hudson once wrote.

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