TBT: Thompson River Steelhead | Save WILD

Before our friend Russ Miller landed at Umpqua, he was plying his trade over at Fishpond and penned this appeal for anglers to take action to help save the Thompson River. Since then, the mighty Thompson has become even more of a shadow of its former self and a  lesson in what happens when you don’t fight for the last great places.

We all throw around the words “last cast” to close out a trip or our day on the river, but this is now the last cast for wild steelhead on the Thompson River. Nearly two years ago to the date, I made my last cast, launching my GP style fly as far as I could manage with my 9140. This last cast was lucky; it connected with a big buck that freight-trained me on the hang down in the Grease Hole. After that fish, I reeled in for the day, soaked in the fading light, and reflected on the journey the fish had made before it found its way into my hands for a moment of connection. Who knew that this might be my last cast ever in a place that forged lasting friendships and created memories, all in a place that defines the words WILD. 

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