TBT: The Last Tarpon

From the Texas Monthly’s archives.

Nearly within sight of the vast Dow Chemical Company complex in Freeport is the place where the New Brazos River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s called new because the river’s course has been altered a bit to fit man’s needs. Down the rutted beach, families play, bikinis blossom, and trail bikes kick up sand. On the west side of the river, a long, deserted beach stretches out toward Sargent, accessible only by boat. Once, the mouth of the river was a famous spot to fish for tarpon, spectacular silver fish that can grow larger than a man. Today there are no tarpon there or at Port Aransas, and only a few down the coast at Corpus Christi and Port Isabel. No one knows why the fish have disappeared.

LINK (via Texas Monthly)

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