2 thoughts on “TBT: Shadow Casting: The Making Of “A River Runs Through It”

  1. Boote thinks a little darkly to himself on a lovely, sunny, late summer’s morning here in Britain: I believe it did quite enough, I’m sure completely unintended yet lasting and quite possibly irreparable, harm to fly fishing, something that, pre-Movie, was still just about hobbyist organic and non-aspirational if you avoided the tiresome “better clubs and waters” snobs and bores but very soon became mere star guides and look-at-me-ye-puny-nobodies-and-love-me-in-your-not-wholly-sponsored-by-a-Big-Name-omebody-despair newbie celebs, huge Ker-ching! brands and a whole shedload of largely unnecessary new fishy product,, without me needing to know how just how the damned, beautifully faked-up thing was made…

    Thinks to himself again: Just post it as bashed out in haste, Paul. Oh yeah, and never look back.

  2. PS – Bit of somehow apt, same early-mid 1990s era, BritPop music for you.

    “Start a revolution from my bed.” Good line.


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