TBT: Fly Fishing (1955)

The tweed is strong with this one.

One thought on “TBT: Fly Fishing (1955)

  1. The Tweed is Strong.

    It still is for some, to my my mind, rather odd Retro Classic Angling Coarse Fishers (that’s sucker-fishing bait men, to you fellas) here in Britain, men who like to dress the part and imagine it’s how Angling Was Done back in the Downton Abbey Late Jurassic.

    Also strong is the Brass and Built Cane (or WAS – the faddy affectation for all such stuff is fast fading like the jeans in Me and Bobby McGee and we Brits’ Lost Empire, though the latter will ever haunt some of us, as you fellas are probably seeing in the news at the moment).

    English eccentricity?

    Nah. Just people trying to turn the clocks back to an earlier time, before, if the truth be known, a generation or two of given-everything-and-still-wanted-more Boomers in their blinkered greed messed pretty well everything up – Planet, Pastime, Climate, Rivers, Fish…..

    Now, where are my Tweed and split bamboo, brass-bound bespoke Boxer Shorts….? I have to wear them whenever I hit a river with MY 1915-vintage Allcock’s Aerial centrepin reel and non-Traditional (“Boo!”) 13-foot graphite rod, to cast light float tackle off the reel by means of the oh-so-elegant (and Very Downton) Wallis Cent(re/er) Pin Cast, which was taught to me by a man almost fifty years ago who was taught The Cast by Wallis himself beside the lower Hampshire Avon in the mid 1930s, ya know….

    Oh, the sense of personal superiority and apartness from the rest of the herd goes ever on…..

    Tongue firmly in cheek when faced with such “Yah what?!”, completely lost the plot, fishy stuff, as ever,


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