Tarryall Creek

Tarryall Creek from RareWaters on Vimeo.

This ranch provides 1 mile of fly fishing access on Tarryall Creek just outside of Jefferson, Colorado. The scenery in all directions and the wildlife are spectacular. Water access is flat and moderately easy; however, you will need to walk through a cow pasture that can have some ruts and holes from the cows. Anglers can expect to net browns and rainbows in the 8-14″ range. This property is prime for double dries and hopper-dropper setups. Along the creek, a few willows allow shade and underwater structures for fish to hold. Pay attention to your back cast as you target waiting fish. A bow and arrow or roll cast are great to have in your pocket at this fishery.

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  1. The U, S of A …the supposed land of the “free” but more private water than the British! What a bunch of hypocrites!

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