Targeting Pinks In The Dosewallips Is Unlawful

According to the crew at Addicted Fishing, this might be the best video they’ve ever made. Well, they might want to rethink that description.

The unnamed “NEW” creek in this video is the Dosewallips, which flows into Hood Canal and is closed to all salmon fishing. Anyone who fishes the Dosie for trout is familiar with the highlighted stretch of river from the campground up to and beyond the powerlines.

Bad enough being a Washington-based fishing media company and not checking the regs, even worse documenting and sharing 18+ wildlife violations with your 229K subscribers and wildlife officials.

5 thoughts on “Targeting Pinks In The Dosewallips Is Unlawful

  1. Somewhere on a shelf here I have three books by John D. Voelker / Robert Traver. In one of them, he really cuts loose about fishing derbies and honeyhole-grabbing gleeclubbers – “To these I give the back of my hand”, I seem to remember were his exact words. I have mentally given mine to a few, similar, mostly Brit-based, serial attention-seekers, grab, grip and grinners and sole river-runners and -ruiners over the years – quietly made myself completely unavailable to such destructive noisome sorts rather than start shouting the Quiet Reflective Pastime-destroying, fish’n’fame’n’big bottom line-hungry odds with them.

    They know who they are………..

      1. This is not 18 plus wildlife violations, blatant lie. Its 1 regulation broken. Either way its wrong but lying in your blog makes the i fo seem a lot less believable.

        1. “It’s unlawful to totally remove salmon, steelhead, or Dolly Varden/Bull Trout from the water if it is unlawful to retain those fish.”

          1. Ok so he’s at 2 violations? Im still confused on 18? That’s not how that law works. I get it, your a blogger, bigger number raises more eyebrows. Fact is he shouldn’t be targeting pinks there, he obviously misinterpreted the rules. He should know better. I fish that river a dozen times a year for trout. Fun, beautiful place. Dfw needs to make their rules more clear for the out of towners because I see people targeting and fishing for salmon a lot when they shouldn’t.

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