Take Action: Wild salmon are born to swim, not ride in trucks


Some people say that the only way to save wild salmon is to drive them in gas-guzzling trucks around the dams that block these fish from reaching miles of historic spawning habitat.

A short-sighted plan for the Yuba River is gaining traction among decision-makers. It recommends trapping and trucking wild salmon around dams, both to and from the North Yuba River. With an estimated price tag of $700 million, this “trap & haul” plan cannot sustainably restore wild salmon, and would do nothing to benefit steelhead.

Please TAKE ACTION and sign this letter to Governor Jerry Brown and U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker.

Ask them to direct state and federal agencies to develop a fish passage plan that allows wild salmon and steelhead to get by the dams on their own – one that benefits the health of the entire Yuba River watershed.

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