TAKE ACTION: Support Sustainable Fisheries

Since 1934, commercial fishers have been limited to two options, fish with gill nets known to harm wild salmon and steelhead recovery or don’t fish at all. New research has shown that contemporary fish trap designs allow fishers to safely release wild salmon and steelhead with nearly 100% survival rates, and show the greatest potential of any other gear type to further improve to completely eliminate bycatch mortality for all wild salmon and steelhead.

Legalizing fish traps would finally provide commercial fishers with a sustainable alternative to gill nets, and is a common-sense next step toward a truly sustainable fishery that would aid in the recovery of wild salmon, steelhead, Southern Resident killer whales, and revitalize the economies of coastal fishing communities.

It is critical that WDFW’s Director hears strong support from the public during this important decision-making process.

If you support allowing fishers to choose to use fish traps that allow for the safe release of wild fish, please sign the petition and share it with your network. By signing you are helping demonstrate the growing momentum and public support for the legalization of fish traps as an alternative to gill nets, and ensuring that fishers who strive to fish more sustainably have strong advocates during the decision-making process.⠀


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