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Red snapper were terribly over fished until federal management plans were placed upon the fishery under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Since the adoption of that federal management plan in 1994 the fishery has rebounded dramatically.

Fast forward to 2016.

New legislation supported by the Coastal Conservation Association and the America Sportfishing Association proposes to shift management of red snapper from the National Marine Fisheries Service to the states. One just needs to look at the way the Northeast states are currently managing striped bass to realize that this is a recipe for disaster. This legislation would also undermine Magnuson- Stevens and set a terrible precedent affecting the management of other threatened marine fish stocks.

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Here’s where you come in.

The same groups supporting this misguided legislation are also blocking opposition to the plan by preventing the Gulf Council from convening a private recreational advisory panel comprised of recreational anglers. Convening a recreational advisory panel would be the quickest and smartest way to find solutions to the Gulf’s short red snapper seasons, while ensuring the fishery is sustainably  managed.

Please consider signing this petition demanding the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council convene a recreational advisory panel.



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