TAKE ACTION: Sign Now To Protect Wild Trout

Duane Raver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Montana state officials want to poison a public pond outside of Belgrade to kill nonnative smallmouth bass and restock it with rainbow trout.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks released the plan for public comment Wednesday afternoon. The operation would focus on one public pond at the River Rock subdivision outside of Belgrade, which is known to host smallmouth bass.

LINK (via: Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

From the Madison River Foundation:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks proposes to use rotenone to eliminate known sources of smallmouth bass in ponds within the Gallatin Valley. Smallmouth bass would thrive in many area rivers and would be a detriment to wild trout populations that exist in these rivers.

Of particular concern is smallmouth bass being introduced into the lower Madison River. Smallmouth bass would thrive in the lower Madison River due to the thermal characteristic as well as the high abundance of crayfish. The spread of smallmouth bass from the lower Madison River would likely result in smallmouth bass establishment in the Gallatin River, East Gallatin River, Jefferson River, Upper Missouri River, and potentially the Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers.




2 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Sign Now To Protect Wild Trout

  1. Hey MC,

    Why are you supporting the Madison River Foundation? You support the privatization of public water? They’re an organization backed by wealthy land owners that was to restrict the public from access the upper reaches of the Madison River. Where’s your coverage on the Madison NRC and the recent fallout of the board and supporters of the Madison River Foundation? Where’s your coverage on their Executive Director Lauren Wittorp’s public accusation that guides don’t care about the river?

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