Take Action: Protect the Potomac

The Nation’s River, aka the Potomac, is an overlooked fly fishing gem that is home to solid runs of stripers and shad and an exploding population of snakeheads. But this urban fly fishing mecca is at risk because Alexandria, Virginia is dumping 70 million gallons of raw sewage and polluted stormwater into the Potomac River each year. This impacts far more than the Potomac fishery since this river is a major tributary to the Chesapeake Bay.

Unfortunately, Alexandria is requesting permission to continue to discharge at least 70 million gallons of sewage-contaminated stormwater into the Potomac River for at least another 20 years. The city has ignored requests from city residents, state legislators, and numerous organizations to eliminate this illegal and harmful sewage dumping from its largest discharge point.       

Alexandria is seeking public comment until October 31 for setting priorities for the fiscal year FY 2018 Budget. It is critical that city leaders hear from you to make this issue part of the budget discussion.

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