Swing Season – Patagonian Steel

While there are a great many appealing and productive steelhead rivers in the world, the argument for Argentina’s mighty Rio Santa Cruz being far and away the most unique is near bulletproof. The reasons are many; its massive size, the harsh and surreal Dali-esque landscape through which it flows, the subtlety of its lies and structure, and the trump card that it is the only true Atlantic steelhead return in the world. Join Claudio, Juan Manuel, and Pollo at Tres Amigos Outfitters as they swing flies for these unique fish.

One thought on “Swing Season – Patagonian Steel

  1. “The Way of a Big Pink and Silver Bastard With The Fly” – Santa Cruz Steelhead, in short.

    Please see my comment below that recent “Fly Fishing on Remote Australian Islands” posting to understand what you might be letting yourself in for – e.g. driving your fly into a brick wall twenty or thirty yards away which then promptly goes airborne and streaks off like a Ferrari, then does the same fifty yards out, leaving you with no alternative but to mutter a chaste and very gentlemanly “Oh, my word…”.

    Some fish.

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