Support Your Local Fly Shop

From the folks at F3T.

~Support Your Local Fly Shop~

Anyone who fly fishes will at some point in their life develop a connection to a fly shop. For me, it was when John at the Valley Angler gave me a half dozen hand-tied poppers for free so I could catch my first smallmouth on topwater. Whether it’s the tip they gave you on your last day of successful fishing, a cold beer they gave you from the shop cooler, or a life-long friendship. If you are going to spend your money on anything related to fishing, now is the time to celebrate what Fly Shops do for our community, and support local business.

This film short is a collection of recordings taken from conversations with our fly shop partners all around the country this last week.

There are a few important messages to remember.

1. Most fly shops have online orders.

2. If fly shops don’t have online orders, they most likely have a curbside pick-up. Give them a call or send them an email to see what’s working for them.

3. Support your local fly shop. Local, local, local!

4. Fishing guides need your help too! Many of our fly shop friends that provide guided fishing trips are re-scheduling later in the year when it’s more reasonable for people to travel. Booking a fishing trip for the future is a great first step to help support shops and their guides.

5. Tie as many flies as you can. If you are stuck at home, there is literally no better time to perfect your skills and stock up on what you need for your next day on the water.