2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: Wish You Were Here Edition

  1. The Floyd?

    You could say “we’ve got history”.

    First saw them them as teenage lunatic sat on the grass of London’s Hyde Park, for free, one summer’s afternoon, with a same-aged kid named Jenny, in 1970. Full-on hippy stuff in those days – See Emily Play, Set The Controls for The Heart of the Sun, Careful With That Axe Eugene, Ummagumma…..

    Then lots of times afterwards, at all sorts of British venues during the 1970s, before finally saying goodbye to them (the full, original line-up, pre-acrimonious split, band) at London’s Earl’s Court in 1981. Best lightshow of any band anywhere, best sound system, best everything – you walked out of a Floyd gig mentally and physically lifted and floored, no need for any of that Shasta stuff in another thread….

    Then the band got back together for a one-off performance at Live 8 in 2005. I wasn’t there but here’s the full line-up before they went their different ways again and their great keyboard man, Richard Wright, the man who made them far more than a mere drums, bass and guitar psychedelic rock band, died. As you are about to see, they could still play; now imagine them in their far less argumentative and egos-riven, younger heyday.


    As we’re “talking” Pink Floyd here this Sunday, do find their Dark Side of The Moon-concluding “Brain Damage” track, and note the lyrics. To me, its ‘lunatics on the grass’ seem somehow apt for an end-of-days gig at the Empire Polo Club, California in 2016.

    PS – Here is a post- Roger Waters, fairly recent live version. Now think of hearing and watching it being played for the first time in 1973…


    Right. That’s The Floyd done.

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