2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: Water Flowing Underground Edition

  1. By God, I used to drive far too fast along tiny country roads on my way to fish some Welsh sea-trout and salmon river or other in the mid-late 1980s, with the last two numbers booming out of the car’s sound system. Time to find that long unseen super-big suit of mine….

  2. Next day PS

    Sunday’s Toona has been responsible for my finding Talking Head’s classic 1984 album, ‘Stop Making Sense’, long unvisited on a hard drive here. One and a quarter hours of pure, foot-tapping (luckily no car journey to make today), relentless live joy.

    Last track is currently playing (on Spinal Tap Vol. Setting 11) in the version that I have here, with David Byrne and the rest of band chorusing:

    “Take me to the river!
    Drop me in the water…”

    Great stuff.

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