2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Edition

  1. Too much of a junior encarcerated at a then prison-like, famous ancient British boarding school to have seen Clapton and Baker (and the great bassist and, Jack Bruce Bruce) play in Cream (disbanded in 1968 and left a great album of their last gig, at the Albert Hall, “Goodbye Cream”), but I did get to London’s Hyde Park during a summer weekend the following year and watched Stevie, Eric and Ginger playing for free, as those concerts were then (I saw the Stones in the same park a few weeks later the same summer).

    Blind Faith live –


    Great talent, Stevie Winwood – he left his musical mark everywhere.

  2. Correction, guys – try this far better 55 minute late-1960s overview and footage of the Blind Faith concert, the one that I had meant to post rather than the one I did above.

    Feeling free and never letting the humourless bastards get me down, as ever., PB.


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