One thought on “Sunday Toona: Going Fishing Edition

  1. Okay. So we’re going full lost in space, early-mid 1970s fishy psychedelia. Lot of it about back then.

    Let’s have some more.

    I met the fella linked below once, beside a river naturally, where we exchanged some friendly hairy fishing talk for ten minutes before going our different rod-in-hand ways. I didn’t know who he was until I heard some wonderful electric guitar from an album that I had very recently bought coming out of the open, summer cottage-window of the man who used to allow me to fish ‘his’ (but not his, he was caretaking an old riverside mill for someone) bit of Southern English river. Went to find my riverside cottage friend and say, “Hey, you’ve got that album too!”, only to find the man I had met on the riverbank an hour or two earlier, plugged into a modest Marshall amp and speaker set-up and playing / practicing in the living room. The three of us then sat about drinking tea and talking fishing.

    Ah … Fish Rising….

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