Sunday Toona: For What It’s Worth Edition

The clip begins with Bruce Palmer finishing up his account of what had gone down that led to the confrontation between the “hippies” and the National Guard on the Strip the night that For What It’s Worth was written.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: For What It’s Worth Edition

  1. Okay, fellas, something about Steven above from someone, a great pal of mine who knows a lot more about things musical than I do, in what is for both Britain and North America and many other places besides now a very difficult time.

    I had emailed him the other day with a link to this Moldy “Something happening here…” posting with a comment: “Stills looks a lot slimmer and healthier now than he did in 1986. Not forgotten him playing such wonderful guitar with Crosby and Nash just a few feet from us in the front row of the Albert Hall several years ago.”

    He replied in Magisterial Muso (I know more about all-genres first-class music and the makers of it than they know or could remember themselves) Fashion:

    “As you know, I have always loved C, S N & Y, they have all produced some great work together, and individually. I’ve met Stephen a couple of times (this song you’ve sent is one of my favourite of his), the first time outside the RAH at the beginning of the 1990’s, and the second when I took my [wayward adult] godson to see him at Shepherd’s Bush on 20 October 2008. How do I know that date? Only because I have just pulled out of my cd shelves a double cd/dvd of that gig. It was brilliant, the first half was acoustic, the second half electric. He is up there with the very best with electric guitar. After the show, and after all the crowd had gone (and whilst I was waiting for a drunk godson to reappear), Stephen came down to the mixing desk, and he told me that they had recorded the gig for a dvd, I said why, because our generation would perhaps only watch a dvd once, whilst I would play a live cd many times. And so he did that!

    And yes – that gig at the RAH that you and I went to was, in my opinion, quite brilliant. Thank you for coming with me.

    Sadly, since then, his voice is now shot, but he still made a great album in 2018 with Judy Collins.”

    And you can see, my old pal – we met in our highly impressionable, devour everything new and interesting, early teens – got heavily into music, With me me it was fishing with a bit of light and heavy musical accompaniment along the way, had been for several years already. Both still hungy and travel(l)ing.

    Stay safe and well, guys.

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