Study discovers 60 new fish in Gulf of Mexico

A recent study has delved the dark depths of the Gulf of Mexico and discovered 60 new, weird and sometimes scary species of fish that live deep beneath the ocean surface. Unless you’ve got a really, really deep sinking line, you’ve got no chance of catching any of these alien fish since they live more than 3,280 feet beneath the surface.

The study, called the DEEP END, was conducted to better understand the deep waters of the Gulf and the effects of oil on the water, plants, and animals. The study was created in response to the BP Deepwater Horizon spill and was even financed by BP.

The study discovered 60 species of fish that had never before been discovered in the Gulf. Most of them were species that had already been discovered but had not been known to live in the Gulf. Still, 12 were completely new species that had never before been seen. Most notable among the new discoveries is a completely new species of anglerfish that looks more alien than fish.

These discoveries are important and more investment is needed for further studies because of how little we know about the deep waters of our planet and how fast industry is moving to do work down there.

LINK (via: Daily Comet)


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