2 thoughts on “Stop killing the Potomac’s snakehead

  1. Disappointed to see this on the Chum. For a site that typically supports the conservation of native species and their habitats, this article is a 180 degree turn from the quality conservation efforts that you all typically promote. I grew up fishing the Potomac, and this watershed has enough issues already. Promoting the prosperity of invasive species in a watershed is no different than embracing the growth of a cancer in a human. We need to fight to keep our habitats wild and healthy. The type of asinine mentality highlighted in this article is dangerous and should not be supported.

  2. Fully agreed with Mark…we just don’t have enough data or science yet to know the real impact these invasives are having on our native species (that have enough massive issues to face) – not introducing more competition. This should be common sense – “VDGIF, MDDNR, and the USFWS are still asking anglers to kill all Snakeheads caught in an effort to help control the propagation of this species.”

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