Is This Steelhead Fishing Film Right About Climate Change?


Probably not according to the “climate experts” at Wide Open Spaces.

Unfortunately, their site is not set up for comments.



April 2016 was the 12th consecutive warmest month on record.

Snow is melting in Barrow, Alaska, earlier than it ever has since scientists at NOAA’s Barrow Observatory began recording it.



2 thoughts on “Is This Steelhead Fishing Film Right About Climate Change?

  1. Whether the film was really about climate change, or just about a group of guys and gals hitting a fine river in what I suspect was more expectation than merely just the hope of fish, or a bit of both, I found myself noting in an email to some Atlantic salmon & sea-trout (sea-run brown) fisher friends the other day after watching the movie that its participants were “Sure getting a little twitchy and having to force smiles when the steelhead didn’t immediately show. Expectations, expectations, expectations. WE fishers sure do have them!”.

    What is certain though, steelhead and their rivers MUST be saved, and not merely for we Anglers. If this now necessitates what are for some controversial climate change considerations, in addition to the usual netting, logging and legal and illegal water-hogging by some in the NorCal, Oregon and BC watersheds, then so be it….

    A Brit living and fishing migratory fish thousands of miles away from your steelhead rivers wishes you guys every success.

  2. We made CHROME to shine a bright light on the threat that climate change poses to our steelhead and salmon, and to our kids and grandkids. David Smith, posting at Wide Open Spaces, doesn’t like the fact that we’re talking about climate change. He wrote “The correlation between CO2 and global warming has yet to be proven.” He also wrote: “No, no the science is absolutely not clear on the issue. The science is not settled, and there are a ton of reasons to seriously question the validity of the popular anthropogenic global warming narrative.”

    Mr. Smith is essentially accusing us of getting our facts wrong. We did not. We’re spot on with the science and the facts. Unfortunately, while I’ve messaged Mr. Smith, and Wide Open Spaces, and asked for an opportunity to respond publicly, they’ve gone radio silent. That’s too bad. It would be nice if they had the integrity to talk this over in public.

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