Spring Breakers Are Using Sea Creatures To Get Drunk

From the bros who you brought you butt chugging and vodka eyeballing comes the newest spring break craze – the “shark shotgun.” To perform the shark shotgun you either find a beached shark or beach one yourself and then use it’s teeth to create a nice shotgunning hole in your beer of choice (apparently these bros drink Michelob Ultra so they can get hammered without having to add too many hours to their CrossFit sessions). Other innovative sea creature drinking moves include the starfish luge, which involves pouring your drink into a large starfish and then slurping the liquid from its leg.

Not surprisingly these bros have incited a social media firestorm – the shark shotgun video has already inspired more than 3,900 comments on Instagram. We live in a divided country these days, so it shouldn’t shock you to hear that some folks are outraged by the “animal abuse” while others are outraged by the “lame internet trolls“upset with these drunken antics. With the fight heating up across social media, many of these videos have been pulled from the internet and some of these bros are issuing apologies.

Regardless of where you fall on this issue, I think we can all agree that it would be nice to return to a world where so many of our news headlines don’t feel like Onion articles…

LINK (The Huffington Post)


One thought on “Spring Breakers Are Using Sea Creatures To Get Drunk

  1. What is the deal these days with 20-somethings not engaging/participating with anything of substance? It may be fun to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, but I think it calls for some real concern…as mentioned above, the Onion has it’s place but WTF!

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