Sportsmen can thank themselves for the attack on public lands

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Ted Williams cuts to the chase.

Hunters and anglers say they are astonished and outraged. But without their support, Trump wouldn’t be president and Zinke wouldn’t be running Interior. If sportsmen read newspapers instead of hook-and-bullet rags, they’d have understood that state seizure of public lands is a plank in the GOP platform and that state lands get sold off or reserved for extractive industry.

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One thought on “Sportsmen can thank themselves for the attack on public lands

  1. Good on Ted Williams, speaking the previously unspeakable.

    In a recent British General Election, a political party floated the policy of reintroducing hunting with dogs (that’s not your gun hunting, but chasing foxes and deer about the British countryside with packs of hounds), purely because a small but powerful grouping within its number demanded that the party do so – in spite of the fact that a good 80% of the British public take a pretty dim view of the already largely banned “sport”.

    Even many of the party’s supporters responded to the new, come out of nowhere policy with a “WHAT??!!”

    The party came out of the election as good as losers, having lost its all-important political majority and with it much of its power, plus with huge amounts of half-cooked personal and political egg on its face.

    Huge miscalculation on its part.

    In this era of Macbeth’s witches’ fair is foul and foul is fair and 24-hour rolling fake news, be very careful, in your blinkered, special interest, people like us, we gotta be right, media feed bubble, just who and what you are actually voting for.

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