The Spirituality of Fly Fishing: An Introduction


Nearly everyone who has picked up a fly rod has experienced the “otherness” of fly fishing, its inherent beauty, its sense of calm and purpose, its power to heal. Fly fishing is, for many men and women, a deeply meaningful and spiritual activity. In this book, Jody Martin addresses that spirituality directly, introducing fly fishing to beginners and offering it as a form of ministry to anyone who might wish to teach the sport as part of a spiritual or therapeutic program.

The Spirituality of Fly Fishing is simultaneously a concise primer, demystifying and clearly explaining what is basically a simple sport, and a paean to the higher powers that drive us all. Replete with quotes and writings from a wide variety of authors and faith traditions, this slim book has been endorsed by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Casting for Recovery, Reel Recovery, and Joey’s Foundation, all of which use fly fishing as part of a healing or mentoring program. Proceeds from the book support both Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.


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