Sonoma’s Leland Fishing Ranch for sale for $7 million


For more than a decade, Josh Leland Frazier dreamed of operating a fly-fishing school in Sonoma. But years of legal wrangling with Sonoma County officials – not to mention his neighbors at Sonoma Valley Airport – wore him down.

His 13-acre property at 24120 Arnold Drive, formerly known as Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, but now called “Purlieu,” is on the market for $7 million.

LINK (via: Sonoma Index Tribune)

One thought on “Sonoma’s Leland Fishing Ranch for sale for $7 million

  1. Yeah. He made some bad decisions, like not getting building permits for the original store. Yikes.
    Talk about inheriting arrogance with the trust fund…
    We get inundated by so many trustafarians around here (sonoma whine country) that sometimes people make life extra hard for them. I don’t think he got a fair shake. But he’ll be ok in the long run I bet…

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