How Social Media Could Be Changing Fly Fishing

Social Media

Remember the social media dust-up over the January American Angler cover?

Social media has brought us lots of things – from Instagrammed food pics to the ubiquitous “selfie” and a tweeting president. And “brand ambassadors”? These are people who have huge followings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For a price, they will highlight certain company brands when they post, but one such ambassador has set off a huge upset in the world of fly fishing, prompting responses from those who might otherwise stay quiet.

LINK (via: Wyoming Public Radio)

One thought on “How Social Media Could Be Changing Fly Fishing


    Lots of years later, an American actor playing a very “slippery” character named Frank Underwood, channelled the original, British political evasion above, and we all know what has since happened to THAT actor.

    I remain unavailable for comment, as always (but please don’t quote me on this)………….

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