Small Signs of Hope At ASMFC’s Striped Bass Meeting

Charles Witek with a thorough review of the recent Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board meeting.

LINK (via: One Angler’s Voyage)

One key takeaway

While that may disappoint a lot of concerned striped bass anglers who petitioned their ASMFC representatives to up the odds for a successful reduction, it’s important to note that Mr. O’Reilly specifically mentioned the number of letters that he received from stakeholders concerned with the probability issue. 

To quote my friend Tom Sadler, “The bell has been rung, it is up to us to keep the pressure on.”


One thought on “Small Signs of Hope At ASMFC’s Striped Bass Meeting

  1. Thanks for the shout out. The time for “hoping” is over, the time for action is now. This shows the letters make an impact so let’s keep on keeping on.

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