Slow Hand’s Hot Hand With Atlantics

Eric Clapton does it again. Last year, the rock & roll legend landed a 108 centimeter, 28-pound Atlantic salmon in Iceland, the biggest of the summer. As an encore, this summer Clapton reeled in a chrome-bright Atlantic measured at 105 centimeters and weighing 25 pounds.

Clapton’s guide, Sturla Birgisson, who also guided him into the beast last year, says that the salmon was a beautiful silver male and was caught in the part of the river called Hnausastrengur where some of the river’s largest salmon have been caught. The salmon was caught using a fly called Evening dress number 12 which is green, gold and black with peacock feathers.

LINK (via: Iceland Monitor)

2 thoughts on “Slow Hand’s Hot Hand With Atlantics

  1. Good to see Eric still getting his string pulled. The river he was on, the Vatnsdalsa, is one of the loveliest and prettiest in Iceland. I have stopped and looked at it (and drooled uncontrollably and very unbecomingly) a few times in the past, on my way to other waters. That’s a good fish for Iceland.

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