SIFF18: Four Years For Life

Our friend Peter Laurelli’s shares his epic four-year labor of love.

Over four years ago, I wrapped up SIFF13 Islands and started a new season filming for what I thought would be the next annual project. Four years later, it’s finished. Within those four years, I drove over 20,000 miles to connect with migrating bass and false albacore. I divided a family, found new love and understanding, and began again. I brought pain and hardship to some but also hope and joy to several others. Throughout it all, perhaps as a means of escape, for solitude, for personal reflection, I fished and filmed just about all of it. SIFF18 is the result.

“Four Years For Life” represents the time passed, and what that time provided. The goal of these projects has always been the same, to try and recreate the images and feelings of the moments on the water. These moments last within us, filmed or not, but I felt a need to vividly relive them, spending as much time within them as possible.

This is a long piece, it runs about 33 minutes. It’s best watched on as large a screen as you can, with as good a sound device as possible. Every image, every inch of music, every word, every cut, every fade, every transition and just about every color profile has been reviewed countless times, all to give a designed feeling. It has been a labor of love, and I hope it resonates somewhere within you, too.

Music Credits (in order of play):
Murmur – FirstCom Cinematic Orchestra
Mercy Kills – Renan Javier Cabrera
Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow
Hallway Fight – Renan Javier Cabrera
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
Voodoo Child – Brick + Mortar
Exhumed – Zola Jesus
As Each End Looms and Subsides – Red Sparowes
Bold – The Districts

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  1. How do o get the password to watch Peter Laurelli’s SIFF 18 ?
    I am on the industry at A Marblehead Flyfisher,
    Suite D, 5716 Kennett Pike Wilmington, Delaware 19807

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