Seeking Permit – Ep. 5 Buffet Series

Episode 5 – For the past five years Phil Tuttle has been seeking to catch his first permit. Would you believe that the first permit he ever threw to ate his fly? Unfortunately for him, that fish popped lose… as well as a handful of others over the past 5 years. Weeks of chasing permit everywhere from Mexico, Belize, the Caribbean, the Seychelles… It’s been a long journey for Phil to say the least!

One thought on “Seeking Permit – Ep. 5 Buffet Series

  1. If your hobby is fishing then i really hate you. If there is a slightly larger body of water where something might live then there is a f-ing fisherman with his stick there. Is it a hot summer and you want to go for a swim? Then there at least one fisherman on each side of the shore. They sit there day and night, leave garbage ranging form sharp cans and plastic packaging to fishing lines and hooks. Fishermen are scum.

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