One thought on “Scotland’s salmon crisis

  1. Yup. Not the rivers’ fault in a great many of cases, but the sea’s. Fixing rivers, as many have thought to be the One True (and personally profitable, profile-raising and virtue signalling) Way over the past 20 years, ain’t enough. Nor mertely “putting out more flags” with conferences, scientific studies, inquiries and reports to discuss just what might have gtone wrong.

    Which leaves our Masters of The International Economic and Political Puniverse to ask themselves “Do I feel lucky? (Well do I, you terrible, old, doing very nicely now, plutocratic post-Punk?) Or should I make the change and finally doing something about mending my Planet-damaging ways…?”

    The silence from Davos, Wall Street, The City of London etc is so far deafening. Still jostling in a better class of street and blaming anyone – make that everyone – but themselves, though … paaticularly those dangerous subversives and malcontents who simply won’t join “our gang”.


    Epic fail, fellas.

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