Salmon are showing up in the Arctic in record numbers


The fish that usually define the West Coast are moving north, raising big questions about how a warming climate is affecting northern ecosystems.

Salmon used to be infrequent visitors to the Mackenzie River and communities of the Arctic, but more species have begun to show up in the North more often and in greater numbers than ever before.

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One thought on “Salmon are showing up in the Arctic in record numbers

  1. Something is clearly very awry, the poles shifting, the climate going suddenly big-time weirdly out of whack, or something. British Atlantic salmon rivers have been invaded by Pacific Pinks over the past couple of years. People at first blamed this on mass escapes from far-northern Russian salmon farms finding their way south, but now it appears that this might not be the case: the Pinks, though not in significant numbers, keep on coming and are cutting redds in a few British rivers despite an all-out war by river managers to eradicate them before they can reproduce. Reminds me, at least, when the different worlds intersect / collide in Philip Pullman’s ‘Dark Materials’ novel trilogy, when angels and witches are seen in the skies, the Arctic is melting and compass bearings are no longer true, when North is no longer North anymore….

    Something is afoot … or is it an arm?

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