Salmon Fishing Rules Do Not Include Provisions for Endangered Whales

Not sure how this passes the straightface test.

Despite the public outcry to take steps to protect southern resident killer whales the number of salmon that can be harvested out of the ocean this year will be similar to last year’s allowance.

According to the NMFS, the proposed plan will actually reduce the amount of available food.

Scientists with the National Marine Fisheries Service believe the proposed salmon fishing allowance will reduce available food for the whales by between 7 to 10%.

Don’t worry, however.

The agency said in an advisory letter that ocean fishing does not pose a risk to the recovery of the whales, because it does not consider that reduction in available food to be “substantial.”

Their solution?

Council Chairman Phil Anderson suggested to the workgroup at the council meeting on Saturday that it should consider recommending an increase in salmon hatcheries.  

LINK (via: Courthouse News)

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