Sage Pulse Giveaway Winner – Chris Fisk


Chris Fisk has a penchant for breaking rods. Apparently, he has already busted two six weights this year fishing for smallies with big streamers in Massachusetts. So Chris was stoked to learn that he is going to receive a replacement six weight Sage Pulse courtesy of the Chum/Sage Giveaway.

Here he is reading The Drake to his daughter, who he is clearly trying to indoctrinate with fly fishing culture. Congrats Chris and hope this one avoids the Sage repair factory…

One thought on “Sage Pulse Giveaway Winner – Chris Fisk

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, one break was the result of a less than graceful exit from a drift boat after a adult beverage or three and the other was a ill advised and poorly executed grab and subsequent fumble of a large female Shad at my feet who objected to such rough treatment.

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