Russian River Steelhead Paired With Cabernet

Authorities in Northern California continued to work on Friday to clean up a spill that unleashed nearly 100,000 gallons of wine and polluted a local river system this week.

The spill happened Wednesday afternoon when a large blending tank of cabernet sauvignon at Rodney Strong Vineyards in Healdsburg burst, flowing first into Reiman Creek and then into Sonoma County’s Russian River.

LINK (via: The Sacramento Bee)

2 thoughts on “Russian River Steelhead Paired With Cabernet

  1. Some NorCal Romulans to blame, doubtless … Jean-Luc Picard’s fabulous vineyard would never have allowed it, he’d have set young Dahj and Seven of Nine on them….

    1. So…we can all make light of the fact that a winery just added to the list of destruction that these…green…industries have piled onto our rivers and streams…but let a not fool ourselves in any way…this act as well as the farming…clearing of brush general destruction of the watershed is another nail in the Russian River coffin.

      Push the growing ring back to a minimum of 50 feet from the bank…instal containment systems around fluid tanks…and start behaving like it all really matters.

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