3 thoughts on “Rock Festival Drug Use Pollutes a River

  1. Makes me smile – the Elegantly Pissed and Stoned, Painfully Eco-Aware, Save Something-Anything-NOW! Classes wreaking unintentional Ennviro-Havoc. Somerset, besides being long famous for its Glastonbury Festival (I went to many of the early, very wild and wool(l)y, stay on Michael Eavis’s farm, early ones – plus some later efforts, the last being as a smartly trailered, freebied guest of an Ancient British Rock Beast in 2005, hanging backstage with the likes of Jack and Meg etc, you get the picture ), in recent years has become one of THE (clean, painfully pretty, lightly populated and then only by People Just Like Us….) English Counties to escape from Filthy Polluted London (and similar other too-too-terrible urban horrors) to live in, peacefully, creatively, elegantly, in total Eco Purity…..

    Rich, all of this, to me – a man who, in his late teens and early 20s made a Zeppelin-eque Bron-yr-Aur, Far Western Welsh Great Escape because places like Somerset were: a) terribly overcrowded with some pretty awful, total shit-spouting hippies, and b) had none of the (BACK THEN, not now) virtually unlimited, very high-quality, 365 – 24/7 Sea Trout- and Atlantic salmon-fishing that I was looking for – somehow……..

    Boote Out.

  2. Later PS – I forgot my now ancient, once very nearly self-copywrited and and -trademarked when I coined it possibly for the first time at a speech I have to a London fishing-club audience forty-odd years ago, quip about (but definitely Not! used in the presence of Today’s Smart “Country Suppers” Set, as opposed to them in their the earlier incarnation, Painfully Smart Urban and Suburban DINNER Parties People) –

    “[Ah yes….] the Fair Trade Cocaine Crowd…”

  3. Correction: “in a speech I gave to London flyfishing club forty-odd years ago…”

    One man, a very fine flytyer, present in the audience that night, actually quoted my “Fair Trade” comment back at me in an email to me asking if I knew the correct dressing for a certain pattern several years ago.

    Gone but clearly not forgotten!

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