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  1. Ah, but they have caught (and returned, of course) Ganges mahseer from the beach of the ashram in Rishikesh that The Beatles, Mick and Marianne, Donovan and a motley crew decamped to in 1967?


  2. Correction – It was 1968. I was at boarding school at the time, playing their Sergeant Pepper album of the previous year a lot.

  3. Further correction – Mick and Mariane weren’t there, but they did accompany Harrisson and Co. to meet the the Maharishi in Bangor, North Wales, in 1967. They were not impressed, so didn’t fly out for the full meditation treatment in Rishikesh the following year.

    One further comment from me before I go – about trying to fish at Rishikesh (or within several miles of the town) now – DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Hindu sensibilities about the harming of living creatures were strong even I fished Rishikesh in autumn 1978 and spring 1979; today they are off the scale – you could very well be torn limb from limb for doing so. In September 1980 I passed through Rishikesh on my way upstream, on foot, on the old pilgrim path to the shrines far upstream, to a place called Phull Chatti as few miles upriver. My companions and I had to disguise our rods, telling a group of mwn who firmly interrogated us as we crossed the famous suspension bridge across the Ganges, Laxman Jhula, that our cloth-wrapped sux-foot bundles were tentpoles, that we were going camping a few miles upriver. There, the maybe mahseer-hungry among you have been warned – don’t fish anywhere near the holy cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar some miles downstream of it. Just don’t.

    Boote out.

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