One thought on “RIP Orri Vigfússon

  1. Orri also owned an Icelandic distillery that made absolutely lethal vodka, as I discovered when I drank it with Icelandic trout- and salmon-fisher pals during the back-from-the-river evenings (very unwise if you valued the quality and success of your fishing the following morning) and afterwards at trip’s end in the clubs and bars Reykjavik during several very fishy trips to the country the 1980s. Introduced by a mate to Orri once, beside the great Laxa in Adaldur, in the days before he began saving salmon. Lovely, friendly, enthusiastic, very shrewd fella who ended his days leaving us all with a good few more Atlantic salmon than we otherwise would now have. Cheers, Orri (though I have to inform you that I haven’t drunk vodka, yours or anybody else’s, in over 20 years). One of the good guys.

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