Rio Manso

Nearly two hours from Bariloche City, the Manso River flows through old-growth forest near the southern border of Nahuel Huapi National Park, linking a number of lakes along the way. This makes it a fantastic option to have an amazing day while surrounded by the distinctive cold Patagonian forest in the Patagonian Andes. The breathtaking surroundings all around us can make it even harder to concentrate on fishing… Fly fishing day trips, camp trips, and all-inclusive packages in San Carlos de Bariloche city.

One thought on “Rio Manso

  1. Indigenous Mapuche Indian Country magical in its beauty and haunting and moving in its echoes, both then, for me, on the ground, when I travelled and fished it 30 years ago and even now after seeing the above (I had a few days on the Manso duriung another Argentine trip), when I found myself thinking about that piece of Argentine-Chilean border, San Martin de los Andes down to Barilche and a distance south, mountain country, remembering its magical (think Tolkien’s Lothlorian and Rivendell) beauty, a lot of (not particularly large) trout and, best of all, a shorttime spent at a single unfished spot, where a crystal river entered a lake a short, bush-beating distance below a then abandoned Pure Bavarian hosteria or hotel – Ruca Malen, “the place of the girl child” or “the house of the young woman” in the still-spoken Mapuche, I was informed at the time, and the very place where a legend originated and much later many a bottle of same name wine was produced hundreds of miles to the Argentine north.

    Legend –

    And the still unsettlingly lovely but somewhat eerie river, lake and place of one-time European reinvention and escape long after the lands’ original occupants’ legend happened – a photo sequence that I found just now on Google.

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