Ridin With Biden

In 2016 America’s sportsmen and women helped swing the presidential election, and in doing so ushered in the most anti-outdoor administration in U.S. history. In key state after key state, sportsmen and women went to the ballot box and cast a vote for a candidate who was clearly not aligned with our outdoor interests. Unsurprisingly, the last four years have illuminated this reality as Donald Trump and his administration have unraveled the fabric of America’s outdoor heritage by dismantling dozens of keystone conservation laws and destroying some of America’s most important outdoor resources.

In a desperate attempt to hoodwink America’s sportswomen and women and shore up electoral support for himself and several endangered Republican senators, Trump has temporarily reversed course on a few important outdoor issues. However, America’s sportsmen and women cannot be fooled. Donald Trump is a con artist, not a conservationist. He does not care about outdoor issues beyond this election, which the last four years of his administration make abundantly clear.

With all of the chaos surrounding the 2020 election, the ballots sportswomen and women cast this November may very well determine this election, just as they did four years ago. We cannot afford once again facilitate the demise of our outdoor heritage and future by returning Donald Trump to the White House

So we’ve created Sportsmen and Women for Biden, a political action committee, to help ensure that America’s sportsmen and women make the right choice in 2020 by sending Joe Biden back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Donald Trump back to Mar-a-Lago.

This November we have a choice. We can usher in a great era for the American outdoors by electing Joe Biden, or we can give the most anti-outdoor president in American history another four years to further his unparalleled record of devastation.

For more information about Sportsmen and Women for Biden, please check out our website and our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. A YouTube channel will follow shortly.

To learn how you can help us spread the word, sign up here. To support this pivotal effort, you can make a donation (not tax-deductible) here.

Sportsmen and Women for Biden is a registered independent political action committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

3 thoughts on “Ridin With Biden

  1. Glad to see your call out to outdoor enthusiasts to join in an effort to overturn the travesty produced by the current administration. Donate.

  2. A bunch of liberal snowflakes. Noted. Will never visit this archaic site again. You’re a relic.

    Biden’s an embarrassing, senile dipshit.

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