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  1. Tribute from a non-social media Brit

    I was honoured to meet the man in Surrey, England, in the early to mid 1980s, when John Goddard (of “Caddis” fame), a good friend of Lefty’s, invited him over to give a casting demonstration to a small group of British flyfishers.

    In those pre-fishing television, pre-internet casting demo days, Lefty was a relevation, casting a fly in a way that few of the Brits present, unless very well-travelled, had seen before: not merely with precision but with apparently effortless distance.

    Afterwards Goddard introduced a young guy who was present, a man who had given a talk to his local, Surrey Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild, of which he was Chairman, a few months earler, to Lefty.

    We shook hands. I think I managed a “Thank you, Lefty. Fantastic casting…”

    He gave me a warm, friendly, hugely enthusiastic smile and a few words that left me walking away as if on imported air.

    Probably the last of the Old Greats.

  2. My wife and I had traveled to a small gymnasium in Darien, CT because I read in the paper of a Fly Fishing Show. The show was small with very little in saltwater fly fishing but Lefty was there. He began his presentation with a smile and friendly way of explaining what is fly casting. Lefty asked for a volunteer…
    I pointed to my wife! Shock and horror! But he had my wife casting within 10 minutes. We were all drawn in by a gentle man who could talk to everyone in the room like he knew you. One lady me t to me said, “That looks easy the way he does it.” What a nice man. Last January we spoke about his wife……he loved her very much.

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