RepYourWater 2018 Sustainability Report

RepYourWater has released its 2nd annual Sustainability Report and continue to reduce their environmental impact. For the second year in a row, they have diverted over 95% of the waste from their office and warehouse in Colorado from the landfill, which is an accomplishment in its own right. However, in 2018 RepYourWater took another big step in reducing their carbon footprint from their office and warehouse through Renewable Energy Credits, and continue to volunteer their time to conservation as well as donating at 3% of their sales to their 17 nonprofit conservation partners. RepYourWater also continues to demonstrate their leadership by taking a strong stance on climate change, public lands and other policy issues that negatively impact our fisheries.

In 2018, RepYourWater donated over $50,000 to its nonprofit conservation partners and in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, they offset 100% of their office and warehouses greenhouse gas emissions with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  RepYourWater co-founders, Corinne and Garrison Doctor had this to say about addressing climate change is so important for their company and they stated: “We know climate change is the greatest threat to fisheries and the planet, so we made a decision to tread as lightly as possible as a company and are very proud of our 2018 social and environmental performance.  We started with our own internal operations and in the near future you can expect to see us begin tackling the social and environmental impact of our supply chain and products, and just getting started!”

RepYourWater started working with sustainability and marketing consulting firm, Emerger Strategies, in 2016 because they wanted to further authenticate their brand by improving the environmental performance of their operations and products.  Emerger Strategies President, Rick Crawford, had this to say about RepYourWater, “Corinne and Garrison are the real-deal, and they truly care about the impact their company is having on the environment.  RepYourWater is the definition of a purpose-driven brand that is using its business to solve environmental problems.”

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