Redington’s All-New ORIGINAL KITS –

Redington has announced their all-new Original Kit—a classically designed rod, reel, and line
built for timeless fly-fishing moments. Its looks pay homage to fly fishing’s heritage while being
fully equipped with an easy-to-cast, medium-fast action blank that’s ready for adventure. This is
an ideal rig for an easy grab-and-go kit or everyday fishing enjoyment.

Redington designed these kits with both the new angler in mind or someone looking to diversify
their fishing opportunities without having to take on a second. Their goal is to get more anglers
out on the water with exciting products that are both functional but also make a statement in
the field through unique colorways and fun graphic styling. Redington has never been afraid to
push the boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to developing fly-
fishing gear. The Redington angler is ready to take on any adventure, whether slamming
carp on the canal in your unicorn floatie or hiking into the backcountry equipped with Chacos
and a fly rod. The new Original Kit continues Redington’s ethos of not taking things too seriously in the pursuit of maximum fun.

Two rods will cover just about any species anglers could want to fish for. And the all-new
Original Kits come in two sizes for that reason–an Original Freshwater 5wt for trout, and an
Original All Water 8wt for bass, salmon, and saltwater. Whether you’re just getting started or
want to expand your species without breaking the bank, these kits are ready to fish.

The Original Kit comes complete with Redington’s redesigned CROSSWATER reel, backing,
RIO Mainstream fly line, and RIO tapered leader. A hard travel case is included as added
protection. These 4-piece rods offer flexibility for an angler on the go. As a complete outfit it
adds to the ease of delivering everything you need (just add flies) at a price that leaves room to
ensure the cooler is always full.

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