Redington Giveaway – Hydrogen Trout Spey Setup

People often like to wax poetic about how “fly fishing is poetry in motion.” We don’t know how we feel about that. But we do know that if any aspect of fly fishing is poetry in motion then it is the spey cast. There’s something viscerally romantic about the sound of line cutting through the water, gliding through your guides, and whistling through the air. And the rhythmic motion of cast, step, repeat creates a meditative pace that complements the grace of the cast. But all of that peaceful poetry goes out the window the second some chrome-bright fish smashes your fly, cartwheels across a once-placid surface, and runs screaming off into the distance.

Thanks to the good folks at Redington, a badass trout spey setup may just be a click away courtesy of the Redington Giveaway. This giveaway – by far our best one yet – comes complete with:

To win this Trout Spey Setup, enter your name and email address before 11:59 PM PT on November 21, 2016. Earn a bonus entry by clicking the box that will appear after submission, which authorizes the Chum to share your contact information with Redington.

Click here to view this promotion.

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