Pure Fly NZ – Series 3

Series 3 of Pure Fly NZ follows a tight-knit group of dedicated kiwi anglers on epic fly fishing adventures into New Zealand’s pristine wilderness.

Featuring 8 epic missions, Series 3 is set within the backdrop of the largest mouse plague in living memory, massive floods, global pandemics, and lockdowns; this was always going to be a belter of a series.


One thought on “Pure Fly NZ – Series 3

  1. Boote dazed and confused, rocking and reeling and comfortably numb after those few fishy minutes. Just to know that there are fish like that still being caught in places like that quite gives me the strength to carry on. Really, that was almost enough to give gratuitous Fish Porn a good name. This from someone who lives not many miles from the now hard-pressed little Chiltern Hills English stream that I fished as a kid at Bourne End just before it enters Old Father Thames at Cookham which sent some speculative brownie eggs by ship to far-off and trout-less at the time New Zealand in the last 20-odd years of the 19th Century.

    After a synapse memory glimmer whilst watching the above, I found that I posted something about it here on Moldy three years ago:


    I see that you’re looking after them rather better than we Brits did, fellas, and that’s good enough for me.

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